Deltapilot S DB51

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This product is no longer available.

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Order code
  • 11
    • Order code 52006263

      Socket for plug 4p-125V, 4A-M12

      M12 socket for plug. Self confectionery connection. Usage: plug M12.

  • 21
    • Nr 21 Order code 014850-0000

      O-ring 73,0 x 3,0 EPDM 60 +PTFE

      Usage: housing cover F6/F10, terminal compartment cover T3.

  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52002593

      Cover F6 Alu, high, gasket

      O-ring EPDM. Usage: housing F6, aluminium.

    • Nr 20 Order code 52002594

      Cover F10 PBT, high, gasket

      O-ring VMQ. Usage: housing F10, Polyester.

    • Order code 917755-0000

      Protection cover, PFA

      Usage: DB4x/DB5x, FMX165, FMX167/FMX21 42mm.

  • 51
  • 53
    • Nr 53 Order code 535555-1100

      Mounting set CONTITE FKM sensor Viton

      Consists of: PC centering ring, retaining ring. Membrane protection cap. O-ring FKM Viton. Usage: FMB51/52/53. DB50/50A/50L/50S/51/51A/52/52A/53/53A.

    • Order code 52024469

      Weld-in adapter G1-1/2, 316L

      Mounting process connection G1-1/2. Material: 316L. Correct installation only with dummy. Usage: FMB50/FMB51/FMB52, FMB70, PMC51, PMC71, PMP51/PMP55, PMP71/PMP75.

    • Order code 52024470

      Weld-in adapter G1-1/2, 316L, 3.1

      Mounting process connection G1-1/2. Material: 316L. Inspection cert. EN10204-3.1 material. Usage: FMB50/FMB51/FMB52, FMB70, PMC51, PMC71, PMP51/PMP52, PMP71/PMP75.

    • Order code 52024471

      Weld-in dummy, adapter G1-1/2

      Material: brass. To avoid any deformation of the adapters 52024469 / 52024470 during welding.

    • Order code 942262-0000

      Weather protection cover F6/F10

      Material: PA. Usage: FTL70/FTL71.

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