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Compact Steam/Water Analysis System (SWAS)

Compact SWAS panel solution for a reliable and safe monitoring of water and steam circuits.

SWAS Compact is a solution for industrial steam generators that efficiently monitors the water quality and fits neatly into your system, requiring very little space. It comprises sample preparation, a cation exchanger and a Liquiline transmitter to which pH, conductivity and oxygen sensors are connected. The SWAS Compact minimizes corrosion and scaling and thus expensive repairs and replacements of entire plant parts. It prevents production loss due to plant downtime.

Compact SWAS panel solution for a reliable and safe monitoring of water and steam circuits. ©Endress+Hauser

Your benefits

  • SWAS Compact delivers reliable and precise measurement results even with low sample volumes

  • It protects boilers and heat exchangers from corrosion and deposit buildup

  • Easily integrated into existing water and steam circuits thanks to its compact design and turnkey delivery

  • Up to eight sensors can be connected to the multichannel Liquiline transmitter

Easy maintenance, short downtimes

SWAS Compact can be equipped with Liquiline multiparameter transmitters. These allow the use of pre-calibrated sensors with Memosens technology, remarkably minimizing work time inside your process. The integrated pH value calculation enables precise pH regulation while calculation of the remaining service life of the cation exchanger allows for predictive maintenance. Maximum process safety is ensured by an automatic system shutdown if the sample temperature is too high.

Measure all critical parameters

  • pH/ORP

  • Dissolved oxygen

  • Conductivity (total, cationic and differential)

Field of applications

The SWAS Compact monitors the steam and water quality in many industries and their utilities:

  • Power & Energy

  • Food & Beverage

  • Chemicals

  • Mining, Minerals & Metals

Typical applications are:

  • Boiler feed water

  • Steam and condensate analysis

  • Boiler water