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Endress+Hauser's capabilities In EPC projects - 03.09.2020 >>> Learn in this session how our project capabilities will help you to succeed in your EPC projects. This includes the topics IIoT, embedded resources, electronic data exchanges, engineering platforms and managing vendor data.


Utilities in Refineries: Industrial waste water treatment and run off water – 08.09.2020 >>>The reuse of water becomes more and more important due to legislation, environmental concerns and cost impacts. In this online seminar, we will explain the different mechanical, biological and chemical treatment processes and how to use online analysis to control them.


Temperature solutions in cryogenic applications: VSL story – 10.09.2020 >>>Insertion length, the most common mistake made when designing temperature measurement. Often it is too short and negatively impacts your measurement. This is especially true in cryogenic applications where ambient temperatures can lead to significant measurement deviations. In this online seminar, learn about a design for LNG applications and its performance as determined by VSL in Rotterdam.


Hydrogen in Oil & Gas – 15.09.2020 >>> Hydrogen carries energy and is a potential asset to minimize the CO2 footprint. This seminar explains the hydrogen eco-system, segments in value chain and portfolio from Endress+Hauser


Improve efficiency, reduce cost and comply with ISO 50001 measuring gas flow in utilities! – 16.09.2020 >>> This online seminar will focus on the measurement of the common utility gases compressed air, industrial gases like nitrogen and oxygen and natural gas. Choosing the right technology for each application will help you to comply with the relevant energy and environmental management standards. In doing so, you can identify waste and savings potential.


Tank Gauging LNG – 17.09.2020 >>> The storage of LNG at cryogenic temperatures presents some unique challenges that must be handled properly to ensure the plant is operating safely and efficiently. During the seminar we walk you through to our simple and
integrated LNG tank gauging solution — from complete field instrumentation to LNG management system, our solution ensures safe and efficient operation of your LNG storage tanks.


Safety by design - Process and functional safety in Oil & Gas– 22.09.2020 >>> Gain insights to what it takes to produce an instrument for safety related applications. Learn why it is important to have instruments in your process that have self-check functions, even if you are just interested in the primary measurement value and a 4...20mA output.


Gas Flow Measurement in Power Plants – Increase safety and reduce cost – 23.09.2020 >>> This online seminar will cover the relevant gas flow applications in modern power plants, including natural gas (e.g in Combined Cycle Power Plants), hydrogen for generator cooling and combustion air measurement. Discussing industry observations, we will suggest optimum solutions for each measuring point.


Steam injection and wet steam in Oil & Gas (up- and downstream) - 24.09.2020 >>> Steam is of utmost importance in upstream (EOR, e.g. SAGD) and in the downstream industry. Because steam is typically distributed and consumed as a 2-phase mixture, makes it very challenging to measure its mass and energy. Its dryness fraction determines the efficiency of processes also in the downstream industry but it can also affect availability and safety.



Incorporating advanced process control concepts for efficient food & beverage manufacturing – 06.10.2020 >>> This online seminar will look at how quality check steps and other quality/safety related measurements can be performed with inline instrumentation with the goal to increase productivity while safeguarding quality and optimizing use of human resources.


Mapping of PAT tools for enabling integrated DSP in continuous biomanufacturing - 15.10.2020 >>> This online seminar will focus on the exploration of multiple techniques and their possibilities to secure tight control of major critical quality attributes (CQA) and PAT tools for measuring different attributes in real-time. A PAT tools feasibility study will be covered to demonstrate in-line measurements in fed-batch process steps and their potential for use in a continuous process.


Using the state of the art Inventory Control IIoT technology from Endress+Hauser – 20.10.2020 >>> Surplus, obsolete, dead stock or even disposal of inventory are a common challenge in the supply chain management. This online seminar shows, how our latest invention, the battery powered IIoT radar complements the Endress+Hauser portfolio to help you to further on reducing logistic costs and improve production efficiency.