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Save time and effort by streamlined commissioning

Integration, configuration and commissioning of intelligent devices doesn’t have to be tiringly slow

Starting up a field network and intelligent devices can be a tricky undertaking, so you have to know what you are doing. No communication, device not properly integrated, incorrect measurement or action: these are just a few things might delay a timely plant startup. If your company has a skill gap or if you simply want to be certain that everything is correctly integrated and optimally configured, now is the time to contact our expert team.

Field Network Startup & Commissioning - Expertise is the key to fast, smooth and solid plant startup ©Endress+Hauser

Expertise is the key to fast, smooth and solid plant startup

If we helped engineer and design your network, expect a smooth startup. Even if you did it yourself, you can still save time and money by calling in our expert team. We will ensure that all devices are correctly integrated into your DCS/PLC system, verify that they have been correctly configured and should the network prove unstable, quickly find the cause.


  • Stringent project targets met – startup on schedule, within budget and with proven conformance to project guidelines

  • Device integration, configuration and commissioning tasks streamlined - project risks reduced by up to 30% and commissioning time reduced by up to 70%

  • Field devices optimally configured for the job at hand by experts

  • Devices correctly integrated into your DCS/PLC system; stable field network communication

  • Complete project documentation detailing installed base, integration, configuration, commissioning, FAT and SAT