W@M Engineering – reliable planning & traceability

A variety of online tools and updated data simplify your daily engineering tasks

Engineering is vital for successful operation of a plant. Sophisticated tools applied during planning shorten the engineering time and reduces capital expenditures. To guarantee reliability, you have access to up-to-date product information. Therefore, you can make the right decisions based on consistent data. W@M Engineering supports you with web-based tools, allowing smooth data transfer into the procurement and installation phases of your asset’s life cycle.

High data quality and consistency

Online tools enable you to select, size and configure the proper product from a wide portfolio per your industry application. The specific product code builds the basis for generating specification sheets and further engineering data. During the engineering process, the data is enriched with added information. The open interface helps to integrate and exchange data easily. Plant structure is stored for later reuse during operation.

Electronic documentation ensures traceability

  • Project planning and administration

  • Working on Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and specifications sheets

  • Easily identify and locate devices and measuring points

  • Select and size the correct device for your application according to your specific industry parameters

  • Documentation of all processes and instruments such as 2D & 3D models and hook-up drawings

  • Recorded engineering data for easier commissioning and maintenance


  • Complete offering of best-fit field instruments from a single supplier

  • Record engineering data from the beginning stages of project for later reference

  • Complete support of your instrumentation projects, even third party devices

  • Efficient specification, planning and documentation via electronic data exchange

  • Complete traceability of your instruments throughout its entire life cycle

  • Easy transfer of instrument data to the procurement phase

  • Reduce risk, time, costs and increase quality