W@M Commissioning – full document history

Faster commissioning and smooth transfer of documentation

During the commissioning phase we support you with the right services and tools to ensure asset excellence and reduce commissioning time. W@M Life Cycle Management provides online access to an updated database of device information and specific work order documentation for future maintenance of your installed base. It allows you to track the main events (maintenance, calibration, parts replacement, etc.) and download special manuals, commissioning parameters or spare part information.

Documentation of everything you need to certify

For accurate commissioning, all relevant information specified during the engineering stage (e.g. configuration data) is automatically transferred and recorded, avoiding error-prone manual input. You might also want to check previous maintenance schedules, load the correct DTM (Device Type Manager) for configuration, check against a copy of the original calibration certificate or need a copy of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) - all information and documentation is available at any time.

All instruments configured in the optimum way

  • Best instrument setting according to your application conditions and setup specifications (fit-for-purpose)

  • Access to operating instructions 24/7 and general or specific device information by serial number

  • Direct downloads of up-to-date device drivers

  • Check previous certificates and service reports

  • Restore work reports of loop check, set up test and calibration

  • Download and print out various certificates such as calibration, material, ATEX


  • Faster start-up

  • Optimal parameterization of the device according to application requirements

  • Correct commissioning and improved instrument and plant performance

  • Complete and secure document management including certificate generation

  • Conform to the requisite quality standards

  • Minimize the need for time consuming testing