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Maintain your installed base with W@M Portal

Effectively manage your asset information along the life cycle

The web-based W@M Portal allows for real-time data monitoring of your process, permitting proactive maintenance of your devices. You get fast access to critical information, such as spare parts, product availability and reports. Quick access to the right information speeds up your processes, such as repair or replacement on an instrument or downloading certificates for inspections. Furthermore, the up-to-date data allows reliable planning of your maintenance events.

Documenting, analyzing and managing your installed base

  • Easy navigation and overview of your installed base

  • Automatic documentation handling for Endress+Hauser devices, such as certificates and reports

  • Capability to include information on third party equipment (e.g. valves, pumps)

  • Task Scheduler to easily plan and execute basic work orders during operations

  • Logbook for traceability of calibration, repair and maintenance events

  • Monitoring of criticality of instruments according to the analysis of your installed base


  • Up-to-date asset information because of online connection to Endress+Hauser’s product database

  • Faster startup time thanks to quick access to asset information around-the-clock

  • Information and documentation for installation and replacement

  • Evidence of compliance with event history and certificates

  • Data hosting by Endress+Hauser (W@M Portal) or on your local system (W@M Enterprise) according to your requirements of IT safety and guidelines

  • Easy integration into existing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Endress+Hauser’s software for plant asset management, like FieldCare and CompuCal.

Reduce your workload from engineering to operations

As a part of W@M Life Cycle Management, the web-based platform W@M Portal assists you to manage asset information. The available device data allow reducing your workload while also improving process quality. It simplifies planning by access and exchange of device data in every phase of the instruments life cycle.

Maintenance engineer Ruud van der Burg talks about the benefits of W@M Portal integration into Vrumona's Computerized Maintenance Management System.