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Services for the water & wastewater industry

Achieve compliance and efficiency with our broad portfolio of services dedicated to your challenges

Running a water or wastewater plant entails many challenges: legal guidelines, internal standards, increasing treatment requirements and higher process complexity. To fulfil your obligations, reliable process control is needed. However, process control can only be as good as your measuring instrumentation and to function properly, these instruments need to be be properly engineered, installed and serviced on a regular basis.

How we can help

We support you in achieving your goals. This support does not end with the delivery of our instrumentation on site. Endress+Hauser has a whole portfolio of service offerings dedicated to your success. From commissioning to verification, maintenance, up to support for your liquid analyzers, to name just the most relevant for the water and wastewater industry, our technicians are here to support you in an efficient manner.

  • Commissioning

  • Verification

  • Maintenance

  • Support for liquid analyzers



During the commissioning phase, you face many challenges. The main goal is usually to stay within the given time frame and budget.

Service technican commissioning a flowmeter
Our expertise in the field

Our experts support you with setting up field instrumentation and automation solutions. This includes detailed documentation in the form of baseline reports and backup files. Also, thanks to their application knowledge, they ensure that the components are installed properly so that a stable process monitoring or control is possible right from the start.

  • Learn more about our commissioning services

  • Detailed documentation of sensors commissioned

  • Application knowledge


In many countries operators are legally obliged to verify their flowmeters at certain intervals. One reason is that they have to measure how much water they extract from the natural bodies of water or how much they discharge back into them. Another reason is being able to prove to customers that the billing is accurate.

Verification of a flowmeter
Our expertise in the field

Verification can be done manually, or if the flowmeters have Heartbeat Technology, based on internal data which means there is almost no process interruption needed.


Regular maintenance of your sensors is a must for reliable process control. Otherwise you risk prolonged downtime and the quality of your treatment. On the other hand, maintenance routines can be very time-consuming.

Flowmeters in a pumpstation
Our expertise in the field

Our experienced service technicians provide reliable support for your instruments including all necessary documentation for transparent maintenance results. They can even make your maintenance routines more efficient by deploying a predictive maintenance concept starting with an Installed Base Analysis.

Support for liquid analyzers

Liquid analyzers are one of the most critical measuring instruments in a water or wastewater treatment plant as they measure the quality of the water. For them to perform their duties, they need regular maintenance including cleaning, rinsing, replacing wear & tear parts, and calibration.

Liquid analyzer
Our expertise in the field

Our complete service package for analyzers ensures smooth operation throughout the whole life cycle. It includes commissioning and yearly maintenance by certified trained technicians, including provision of consumables and wear parts, technical support with guaranteed response time* and optional coverage of on-site repair.

  • Learn more about our liquid analyzers

  • Get in touch with your Endress+Hauser for more info on our dedicated service offering

Water and wastewater treatment processes

Potable water treatment ©Endress+Hauser

Potable water treatment includes many different processes that need to be monitored closely to ensure water quality and comply with legal regulations.

Wastewater treatment ©Endress+Hauser

One of the main challenges of wastewater treatment is making it both safe and cost-effective. Our service offering can help you optimize your operations.


Our service technicians work according to the same standards and practices to deliver a consistently high service quality, no matter your location or level of need. The service portfolio we offer is certified and conforms with DIN EN ISO 90001:2008. To match your individual challenges, the scope and intensity of our services is customizable.

  • 1000+

    service technicians all over the world working with the same tools, according to the same standards

  • 5000

    flow instruments verified every year

  • 50%

    time savings when using Heartbeat Technology

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