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Pharma manufacturing services for efficiency with continuity

A dependable, expert service partner can ensure manufacturing continuity and efficient maintenance

Pharma manufacturing services must enable plant operators to locate the balance between optimal maintenance and maximal productivity. Unforeseen shutdowns due to inadequate maintenance not only result in costly downtime, they can create drug shortages that significantly impact public health. Conversely, unnecessary maintenance can generate additional costs. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing services enable risk-based maintenance strategies for targeted interventions and maximal availability.

How we can help

A close, sustained service partnership with Endress+Hauser experts enables optimal plant performance and availability for maximum business value. Our risk-based maintenance strategies enable our clients to target measuring point maintenance and calibration interventions based on instrument criticality, thereby optimizing costs against productivity.

  • Installed base analysis of critical assets for a focused maintenance strategy

  • Long-term, reliable, and expert service partnering for continuous manufacturing

  • Optimized calibration intervals for cost-effective availability with full compliance

  • Managed services with detailed reporting and insights for continuous improvement

  • Fully transparent maintenance and calibration interventions for optimal production management


Installed base analysis

Instruments are critical to reliable plant operation and yet are often not included in plant maintenance plans. Age and obsolescence can lead to reduced plant performance and availability, furthermore as production complexity increases, balancing maintenance efforts becomes a continual challenge for plant operators.

Installed base analysis
Our expertise in the field

Our installed base analysis sets the foundation of your maintenance routine, identifying critical assets upfront and providing key information for optimal decision making, and insights on how to improve process availability and minimize downtime risks.

  • Rely on optimally maintained instruments

  • Sustain operational capabilities

  • Strike the best balance between maintenance efforts and productivity

Improved calibration intervals

Measuring instruments are increasingly reliable, nevertheless rarely is this reflected in calibration interval specifications, leading both to inefficiencies and increased risks due to frequent manual interference.

Improved calibration intervals
Our expertise in the field

By determining calibration intervals dynamically based on the results of past calibrations and statistical methods, Endress+Hauser can extend intervals, predict failures and increase reliability.

  • Extend calibration intervals with confidence

  • Predict instrument failures to avoid unplanned shutdowns

  • Sustain plant availability

Calibration management support

Managing calibration can be challenging for plant operators, particularly when different calibration providers and measuring technologies are involved.

Calibration management support
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser takes the complexity out of calibration management, with managed calibration services providing a single point of contact and unified technologies.

  • Outsource calibration services to a single point of contact

  • Improve work scheduling and calibration intervals for best availability

  • Reveal hidden calibration costs for significant cost improvements

Learn where services support pharmaceutical manufacturing

Bioprocess overview ©Endress+Hauser

Bioprocess overview

Water purification process ©Endress+Hauser

Water purification process

Meet our expert

"My work involves bringing together industry experts from customers and Endress+Hauser to figure out what exactly customers want and need and to develop solutions and offerings to address the needs."

Gary Dreyer

Product Manager Services, Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG


Achieve efficiency and continuity in pharmaceutical manufacturing together with our employees. They support you with dedicated services to improve your processes.

  • > 60

    countries, where customers have access to Endress+Hauser calibration service engineers

  • 3.000

    calibrations per year managed by Endress+Hauser as a single point of contact at one pharmaceutical manufacturing site

  • 31 million

    Endress+Hauser devices are filed in the Endress+Hauser database to ensure full transparency for users

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