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On-site engineering support aids chemical industry projects

Integrate Endress+Hauser instrument engineers to support your team throughout the project lifecycle

On-site engineering support necessity is a vital discussion topic for chemical or petrochemical companies when embarking on any substantial project. Such projects can be highly challenging, requiring close stakeholder coordination, robust planning, and optimal technological choices. Risks must be mitigated, timelines maintained, and budgets respected. An embedded Endress+Hauser engineer can provide valuable support to your project teams for all considerations related to instrumentation.

How we can help

Endress+Hauser makes available its highly experienced engineers to provide integrated on-site partnering and support in chemical or petrochemical industry projects. Their specific instrumentation knowledge and program skills can help project teams to optimize every phase, from project Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), through Execution and into Operation.

  • A reliable partner for optimal decisions on instrumentation for every application

  • Experienced and professional project support ensuring consistency and avoiding ambiguities

  • On-site, close collaboration with your engineers

  • Quick resolution of issues to keep your project on track

  • Direct communications, superior processes, methodologies and tools to support efficiency and reduce risk


Dependable FEED phase support

When planning a new and complex project in the chemical or petrochemical industry, companies may be hesitant to include external expertise directly to the program team. Concerns may exist around coordination, communication and team alignment.

Dependable FEED phase support
Our expertise in the field

With strong foundations laid the benefits of on-site engineering can be compelling. Endress+Hauser ensures clear alignment from the outset.

  • Establish a trilateral agreement contract between you, your engineering team, and Endress+Hauser for clear operations

  • Embed the Endress+Hauser subject matter experts directly with your engineering team for close coordination on site

  • Make the right instrumentation selection decisions to support seamless deployment

On-site Execution phase support

When embedding on-site engineering support, close collaboration between the external expert and your team is essential to ensure project success. Rapidly dealing with challenges, handling technical questions with precision, providing reliable information, all such aspects are critical.

On-site Execution phase support
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser experts remain on hand to assist.

  • Leverage best practice advice and determine the appropriate technology for every application

  • Clarify technical queries and resolve challenges rapidly with the on-site expert

  • Take maximum advantage of all available Endress+Hauser tools and services, such as the Central Engineering Platform, SPI Integration and asset management systems

Reliable partnering from end to end

From FEED phase, through Execution and into Operation, complex chemical and petrochemical industry projects can be a lengthy affair. Close, reliable and consistent support is essential.

Reliable partnering from end to end
Our expertise in the field

The embedded Endress+Hauser engineer will commit to your project throughout its duration.

  • Partner to ensure a precise execution of the engineering approval process

  • Refer to a single point of responsibility for the entire instrument related package: engineering to procurement to commissioning

  • Commission critical applications in confidence with direct on-site support

Improve your project timeline

Endress+Hauser is your partner in all phases of your projects! ©Endress+Hauser

Having an embedded engineer working on site along with the project team will help you to save time by correctly selecting and specifying the instrument.


Your success is our main objective. No matter how large of scale your project in chemical industry is or how many partners are involved, our embedded subject matter expert will support your project team on-site with her or his profound application know-how and project management expertise. We provide the support you need to mitigate project risks from FEED through to execution.

  • 90 %

    of all your questions rising within a project are answered directly when using our on-site embedded engineering program, compared to the traditional way.

  • 10 days

    of time line savings, when embedding one of our subject matter experts in the project team, considering a project with 1,000 tags, compared to the traditional way.

  • 25,000 US$

    saved on spare parts when partnering with us as a MIV considering an instruments project value of 700,000 US$

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