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Teamwork is essential to improve processes

At Endress+Hauser we understand that trust, communication and collaboration are vital to ensure successful partnerships and paths for continuous improvement

Just as athletes rely on their teammates, we know that partnering with our customers will bring the same level of support and dependability to enhance productivity. With a shared vision, effective coordination, and a deep understanding of unique needs, partnerships thrive.

Together with our customers and partners, we can overcome challenges and achieve shared goals. Join us on this exciting journey as we harness the power of partnerships and discover the great potential they hold  – let’s improve together!

Production worker assembling a measuring device.

3 million sensors shipped

Every year we ship millions of tailor-made sensors to customers in the process industry. Our innovative solutions help drive their process improvement and the efficiency of manufacturing products.

Young girl smiling into the camera while sitting at the dining table with her family.

>5.3 billion people

More than half of the world's population comes in contact with products that are manufactured using our measurement technology every day.

Two engineers work standing in a refinery.

>100,000 customers trust us

Our customers benefit from our 70 years of experience when solving their challenges, and rely on us – today and will continue to in the future.

We are the partner for process improvement

Two engineers standing on top of a storage tank.

Longevity and stability make us a reliable partner

A stable financial position, strong values and a powerful culture create a stable framework for company development and business. This way we can always be there for our partners.

Two engineers discuss in front of a large display of an industrial control room.

Broad industry expertise and deep application knowledge allow us to solve our customers' challenges

Our industry expertise and application knowledge make us a valuable partner for our customers. They benefit from our experience with thousands of automation solutions when solving demanding tasks.

Two engineers look at an industrial tablet in front of a large industrial plant.

A complete portfolio and digital capabilities enable better decisions through deep process insights

Our customers value us for the industry's most comprehensive offering and our effective solutions for digitizing their plants - enabling better decisions thanks to deep insights into their processes.

Female engineer smiling at camera. ©Endress+Hauser

What makes us unique

Our customers in the process industry need to continuously improve their products and manufacture them even more efficiently. In this way, we help them identify how to use their resources carefully as well as supply a growing population with safely manufactured products and protect our natural resources in a sustainable way.

With our process measurement technology, automation solutions and services we support our customers with the most comprehensive offering in the industry and efficient solutions for digitizing their plants. Thanks to valuable insights into their processes, our customers can make more informed decisions.

We bring more than seven decades of industry expertise and deep application knowledge to our work. Our customers benefit from this experience when solving their challenges.

As a family-owned company, we stand for longevity and stability – ensuring that we are always there for our customers, today and tomorrow.

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